Auto & Industrial Brand Protection

OpSec has protected the auto and industrial sectors for over a decade with advanced technology brand protection. We understand that these OEM and aftermarket parts sectors face counterfeiting exposure through porous supply chains and the rampant growth of unmonitored online sales. Your consumers, as well as legitimate parts suppliers throughout the chain, need assurance that they’re getting real parts.

Our product authentication solutions give you and your customers confidence that your branded products are genuine. We have developed robust, scalable database systems capable of validating every one of your products found anywhere in the world, which means you can authenticate individual units in real-time. We can also help you tighten your control over your supply chain, enabling you to determine when and where a given item was made, and whether it may have been diverted.

Online, we can identify and take down infringing listings of your products on all varieties of marketplaces (B2B sites, B2C sites, and auction sites), as well as locate and reduce trademark misuse. We also can identify pricing fluctuations among dealers, unauthorized price-match guarantees, and sites offering e-commerce functionality for parts with safety implications.

A few of the companies that trust OpSec