The First Layer of Defense

Our durable security laminates provide an interlocking multi-layered approach with security features that interact harmoniously offering overt, covert and forensic levels of protection.

ID Card Laminates

Our card laminates provide a vital extra protective layer which increases the lifespan of a card and when combined with our holographic and printed security features make our laminates especially difficult to counterfeit and easy to authenticate. Our solutions extend across the range of issuance systems from the smallest desktop system to the largest central issuance.

Passport Laminates

By combining leading holographic technology with multi-color fluorescing inks, optically variable inks (OVIs) and patented liquid crystal solutions, we offer governments a complete and highly secure solution. OpSec is experienced with all passport formats and has the Engineering capabilities to offer customized solutions for unique fabrication and issuance machines.

Document Protection Laminates

Using patented liquid crystal solutions, such as Advantage® and SecureMax®, OpSec offers highly secure, easily authenticated, and uniquely identifiable transparent spot lamination solutions for Signature Protection, Visa Labels, and validity extension documentation for a range of applications from facility security to immigration control.

A few of the companies that trust OpSec