Reliable & Efficient Security for Banknotes

OpSec’s has married two of its core skills in optical and material science for over thirty years in the design and manufacture of world class security components for integration into national currency banknotes.

Banknote security components fall into two categories:

  • Integrated Security Features, most notably security threads which are integrated into the banknote paper during the paper making process. Threads are either fully covered or windowed to allow part of the surface of the thread to be seen
  • Applied Security Features, specifically security patches and foils Our design and development team are world-class experts in designing and developing security threads and holographic patches and foils.

All our security features incorporate striking movement, color change and/or variable images are very simple for the general public to understand and use to authenticate a banknote, while the optical and material science we use to create the feature renders them very complex and challenging for the counterfeiter to replicate. Our banknote security products are designed and developed in our secure research and development centre in Leicester, United Kingdom and manufactured at our European Central Bank accredited high security production facility in Crowther, Washington, Tyne and Wear.

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