Trademark InSight™ Agreements

Using OpSec’s Trademark InSight Agreements, brand owners can create and manage dynamic agreements with secure, role-based access. Specify product and distribution channels to ensure that the appropriate royalties are being paid without having to manage a team of individuals with access to a server full of spreadsheets and documents.


Stay up-to-date with contract requirements. Whether it’s renewals, royalties, cancellations, or violations… or whether you’re managing 15 agreements or 15,000 – Trademark InSight Agreements can handle it all. Streamline your process. Spend less time managing your brand and more time building it.

  • Automatically generates your custom licensing documents and agreements
  • Tracks all contract deadlines
  • Notifies you of royalties, due dates, and compliance
  • Allows licensees to enter their royalty information directly saving you hours of spreadsheet processing


Manage your program in a whole new way with a database of entity profiles and contacts; customized applications for new licensees; complete contract history for each licensee; and product information, reports, and photos.


What good is all this information if you can’t use it? Trademark InSight understands the value of your data and allows you to take advantage of it. Produce customized reports, with flexible exporting options, allowing you to make sense of your data. Want to get more from your licensing program with less effort and cost? Trademark InSight equips you to do more with less.


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