Trademark InSight™ DAM

Our digital asset management (DAM) solution provides you with a single, secure repository to host and maintain trademarks and IP. Used in conjunction with Trademark InSight™ Contracts, brand owners can configure permissions to dynamically restrict access to trademarks based on contract status. OpSec’s Trademark InSight DAM platform reduces the cost of manually maintaining a repository and facilitate role-based access. Trademarks and digital assets can be grouped by category for easy access.


Assemble a mark group by uploading everything associated with your brand—include announcements, verbiage, colors, and label information right alongside your marks.


Your partners and licensees will have controlled access to your marks, and everything else they need to create a design, all in one location. This not only makes it easy for your licensees, it ensures strict adherence to your brand standards too.


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