Trademark InSight™ Approvals

OpSec’s Trademark InSight streamlines your organization’s product design approval process by taking it online. A digital product design approvals process improves communication and accelerates the time from design to production. Rather than send physical design mailings or the endless email threads, product design partners upload artwork and video clips for immediate online approval. Submit, review and approve.

  • Upload numerous file types, including video, closely examine each with real-time zoom and leave comments with our electronic sticky notes
  • Automatic submission and review notifications
  • Easy to use dashboard —simple to sort and organize design submissions
  • Provides comprehensive history

Uploaded artwork is rendered in real-time and team members will receive email notifications based on custom workflow rules . Resubmissions are automatically versioned and maintained allowing an archive of how each submission has progressed.

OpSec’s Trademark InSight solution allows you to configure every aspect of product design approvals: product categories, merchandising seasons, retail price, distribution channels, and more.


Partners are able to submit their designs and keep track of submission statuses, all in one location. Better yet, they can submit designs and video at any time, automatically notifying you that a design has been submitted.


Sort and organize all submissions using a dashboard that makes searching for certain designs easy—any overdue submissions? Closely examine each design with real-time zoom, read details about the product, and even leave comments on an electronic sticky note. Video? No problem. Leave a note on a particular frame and easily access those spots where notes are left.


Click “approve” and your part is done. Your partner will automatically be notified of a change in their submission status.


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